We didn't expect that

random tiktok video

5/18/20231 min read

The video that went further than we expected


We (well actually my husband) decided to share what we had been working on in our garden. This was not the type of videos he would normally upload to our Tiktok. The response we got from it was not what we expected. We enjoy just sharing random stuff and if we can help someone or even brighten your day or moment with a laughter then we feel like we have contributed to a greater cause.

We have had many comments asking for schematics or a blue print of what we created and the honest answer is that we don't have one. We created this from watching what others have made and put our own little twist on it to make use of the space we have. We have had some ups and downs with the system, but it has been a trial and error journey for us.

Many of the plants that started in the pipe system had to be transferred to other containers cause of size of the plant or root space. (The video is linked to the picture to the left)