Temu Purchase

First time shopping with Temu

5/25/20232 min read

Ya'll, I know we all been seeing the advertisements for this company Temu. We have even shared a few links to things that we saw that either looked kool or useful. They seem to be a lot like Amazon which is my usual go to for online purchases other than Walmart of course. So I decided to give Temu a try. We were looking for a few things and I always check price comparisons and look for the best deal possible.

Temu has a pretty good deal for their first time buyers that includes coupons and free shipping. So yesterday I went through the mobile site which is also relatively easy to navigate. I decided on a few items that we needed and also wanted to get an early start on some Father's Day gifts as well. I awoke this morning to an email that my order has shipped, less than 24 hours after my purchase, boy was I shocked, but very pleasantly surprised. I will do an unboxing review of the items that I can though the Father's Day gifts won't be shown, can't have my husband seeing his gifts now, lol.

Full disclosure here, my total order before discounts and taxes was $132.58, with a $10.00 coupon and other item discounts that was a total of -$81.85 and also free shipping. My order ended up being paid out at only $44.77 and they only charged taxes on the amount after the discounts and coupon.

The free shipping is a great thing but I love that the shipping is also USPS Priority Shipping and includes tracking information. They even have an added bonus $5 credit if the order is received later than their estimated time.

This is the kind of fast service that gets a company that repeat business/customers.

So far I would say I recommend this company based on prices, though I will update after we receive our order and see what the quality of the items are.

Check out Temu for yourself and let us know what you think.