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Experience with 1st order from Temu.

6/4/20232 min read

First Temu Purchase

Gotta start with ugh, I'm sorry lol, I know I said I would do an unboxing of the order once we got it in, but I was so excited that it came in , I just couldn't wait. But we were so pleased that we made another order, yay. I will continue to share this experience with everyone. We have to say we were pleasantly surprised by our whole experience with Temu. The whole week that we were waiting for the order to come in, we were able to see a status update of where it was "at" in it's journey to our doorstep. Everything arrived 1 week after the order was placed and we got it on the 1st day of the expected time frame and that week included a no mail delivery holiday.

These are a few of the items we purchased and what our thoughts are on each one.

This head piece is not only very pretty but is also made of soft yet strong material

Gorgeous Floral Pearl Lace Headbands

Personal Fans

Lite weight and rechargeable, works great! Can't wait to go check out some nature trails this year and take these along for the hike!

Men's 3D Print Skull Short Sleeve Shirt

I was a little worried with this item, so many times clothing purchased online, comes in the wrong size. This is a XL and fits him perfectly. The material is lite and breathable.

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Would love to hear what your experiences have been with Temu, thanks!